Recommend item

Recommend item

We would like to introduce accessories that are perfect for Malco.'s colored dresses.

A jewelry brand from Sydney that started in 2012.


This brand is popular for its sculptural form and sophisticated design.

Here is the first point...

The Swarovski leaf motif fits perfectly along the ears,

These earrings are characterized by delicately swaying pearls.

It creates a sparkling presence around your ears, giving you an elegant and classy impression.

Pair it with a tight hairstyle

It brings out a more sophisticated atmosphere.

Here is the second point...

Sparkling earrings with Swarovski crystal drop chains.

The length is approximately 16cm and extends to the collarbone, so

This item will make your face look beautiful, as well as your décolleté line.

You can also match it with a feather dress with volume on the chest.

The delicate Swarovski crystals give an impression of elegance and not too much decoration.

Because it's such an important day, why not coordinate your outfits in a special way?

We would be happy if you could spend a special time with all our guests.

This is available on the 4th floor dress floor.

When trying on clothes or matching accessories, please let us suggest the best coordination to match your dress.

We look forward to your visit.


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