in Paris

This time we would like to introduce a couple who enjoyed having their wedding photos taken in Paris.

Paris is also known as the City of Flowers due to its flourishing art and culture and gorgeous streets.

There are many historical buildings that have remained as they were in the past.

Paris is a picturesque city that combines traditional and new culture.

We were told that we would like to keep the wedding photos taken in Paris as a special memento of the couple.

We proposed a gradation dress that would look great in the romantic Parisian scenery.

Location photos in the city,

A modern dress goes perfectly with the classic streetscape!

Since this is a calf-length dress, we recommend that you enjoy coordinating your shoes with care.

Red shoes as an accent color...

It matches the scenery and is very nice.

The husband is styled in all black.

My husband, who is from Belgium, had a strong bone structure.

It seems that the set up was made to order for this day rather than being rented.

We recommend wearing this dress with a train to add a touch of glamor.

Even the same dress can give a different impression, making it a popular choice for photos.

We communicated in English and Japanese from the time we tried on the products.

I was impressed by how much fun they had in choosing their dresses.

Along with the photo, I received a message saying, ``It was a better day than I imagined.''

I also felt very happy.

Thank you for choosing to wear a Marco. dress for your special photo.

If you're in the area again, please come and visit us.

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