Partydress Coordinate

Partydress Coordinate

Recently, the coronavirus has gradually calmed down, and it has become more common for people to invite friends and have parties.

This time we will introduce recommended coordination for after-parties, after-parties, and photos.

Here's the first one...

Dress dress using vente silk organdy

The puff sleeves and asymmetrical design are the key points.

Pair it with the same white dress inside,

Coordinating with different colors is also cute.

The skirt length in the back is a little long, so it goes great with delicate heels.

When exposed to natural light

It has a soft sheen and sheer feel, making it perfect for garden or seaside photos.

Silk Dress Onepiece White

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Blouse made from ROUHAN's high-quality soft cupro fabric

It has a silhouette with wide sleeves, so it looks cute from the back.

Pair it with wide pants of the same color.

Choosing gold or black for your accessories will make your outfit stand out and give you a fashionable look◎

It has an elegant and urban silhouette.

The shoes have a pointed toe.

It is also recommended to give a dignified impression.

Zeus Blouse

You can try on this item at the 3rd floor select shop without making a reservation.

We also carry accessories that match the dress.

I would be happy if you could suggest not only dresses but also styling.

We look forward to your visit.