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At QED club

No.005 royal blue dress

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A Western-style building with a history of being the former residence of the Hungarian ambassador

At the QED club, which has an attractive green garden where you can feel the expression of each season.

I would like to introduce the couple who had their wedding ceremony.

Peeking through your transparent skin,

The bride with an impressive bright smile was chosen.

No.005 royal blue dress

At first, I had the dress I was looking for, but

Please wear this dress during the fitting.

The bright royal blue color was the perfect choice.

On the day of the ceremony, make use of your black bob,

The hair is all back and finished tightly.

The earrings have a leaf motif with pearl accents.

RYAN STORER accessories.

Instead of a bouquet, she carries a clutch bag made of sparkling stones.

It looks great against the deep royal blue color.

This dress has pockets

We also recommend adding some touches to make it more stylish when taking photos.

Of course, you can also sneak your smartphone in!

The QED club is lined with paintings and works of art, making it feel like an art museum.

No matter where you cut it, it becomes a picture.

A lovely bride with a simple personality and a smile.

Thank you for wearing a Marco. dress on your special day.

Wishing you happiness forever...♡

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Sergio Rossi


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