Royal Blue Dress

Royal Blue Dress

This time I would like to introduce:

A beautiful royal blue dress with a statement silhouette.

The highlight of this outfit is the bold frilled collar.

The chest has a V-cut design to show off your feminine collarbone line .

The back is also V-shaped, giving it a healthy and fashionable look.

Taffeta material, which is often used in imported dresses, is characterized by its dense weave and beautiful colors.

The unique luster and wrinkles are

Another attractive point is that the appearance changes depending on natural light and lighting.

Accessories to match the gorgeous blue dress are

We also recommend sparkling silver Swarovski crystals.

The bob hair is tied tightly and gives off a dignified atmosphere...!

(Since it has a pocket, we recommend putting your hands in it and posing with it.)

For brides with soft smiles, it would be cute to add a touch of glamor with a green, pink, or purple bouquet.

Because it is a bright royal blue,

Why not try coordinating an outfit that makes the most of the bride's own charm?

We look forward to your visit.