non-no December issue

In the [non-no December issue] graduation special issue released on October 20, 2021

Yuko Araki wore a dress by Malco.

Araki's dignified beauty and charming smile that attracts people,

Malco.'s green tulle dress was perfect and looked very nice.

This dress is made of luxuriously soft tulle.

One of its charms is that it becomes transparent when you move.

The main point is that the off-shoulder puff sleeves make your décolletage and arm area look even more beautiful.

Marco.'s highly fashionable dresses

The look changes depending on the styling of shoes and accessories.

Like Araki, she wears white boots and her hair is styled down in a natural way.

It's also very cute as it gives off a loose look.

Ms. Araki has been an exclusive model for Nonno for 8 years since 2013.

I was very happy that they chose Marco.'s dress for their special issue.

Congratulations on your graduation.


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