Malco. Photo plan

As autumn approaches in September, we would like to introduce two people who were photographed in Marco.'s photo plan.

I always get too conscious when it comes to taking photos.

We had a customer tell us when they tried it on that their facial expressions became hard.

This time's photo shoot captures the two of them in their usual natural style,

We offer photographs that will become memories of your special day.

Here is the first dress...

No.019 Pink Frill Dress

This is the perfect outfit for the vast garden attached to the house studio.

The moderate firmness and elegant transparency unique to organdy.

And when you look through the camera lens, it becomes even softer.

Accessories to match the girly pink ruffle dress

Accent with black or navy to tighten up your coordination.

Nice delicate strap MANOLO BLAHNIK,

Accessories are navy Swarovski.

It goes perfectly with the double set-up provided by the groom.

(Very stylish and nice!!)

And here's the second one...

No.011 SWAROVSKI Dress

Mermaid dress with Swarovski crystals all over.

It was my first time taking photos, so

This dress is not a color x color combination.

I purposely matched it with a white bouquet to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

The shoes are Jimmy Choo's pointed toe shoes.

RYAN STORER With drop chain earrings.

Her black hair was tied tightly to give it a sharp look.

The good style stands out and this one is also very nice...♡

It is a private space in a private house studio.

Perhaps it is because of this space that you can take pictures in a relaxed atmosphere.

Time passes slowly, and the two smile while occasionally making eye contact.

You can clearly see how close they are to each other through the photos.

I am very happy that I was able to take a wonderful photo shoot.

Please come visit us again at Malco.♡

Malco. Minamisawa

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