We would like to introduce rental dresses by CECILIE BAHNSEN, which are now available at Malco.3F.

When you hear about Cecily Bahnsen, her collaboration sneakers with Asics have recently become a hot topic.

Cecilie Vansen has a voluminous silhouette and delicate details.

Although there is no brand concept

〝There is power and strength in romance and femininity〟

(There is power and strength in romance and femininity)

This is a brand that embodies the importance of women being confident and being themselves and the pure beauty.

I felt that it was a great way to get to know the brand.

Cecily Vansen's quality and design

We are proposing timeless items that are not temporary trends.

It seems that the main premise is that it is a piece of clothing that you can cherish for a long time.

By creating a structure that prevents the creation of dead stock,

Another feature is that it increases the value of the first item.

Of course the dress itself is cute

This idea is perfect for the wedding scene on a special day! That's right.

The dresses are made from original fabrics for each collection.

When the fabric is completed, it is actually applied to the torso to create the design.

It's no surprise that the design makes the most of the fabric!

Click here for the first dress available at Malco.

Puff sleeves are typical of Cecily Vansen.

This is an attractive dress made of plume jacquard fabric with a three-dimensional feel.

Pair it with round flat shoes or low heel shoes,

I think it would be cute to coordinate with a colorful bouquet.

Click here for dress details

Click here for the second one

A navy dress with a cute ribbon on the back.

This piece features a full-length skirt and sheer fabric.

Click here for dress details

Cecily Vansen is popular at after-parties and pre-shoots.

You can try on these two suits at the 3rd floor select shop without making a reservation.

We would be happy if many brides could come and see us.