Malco.'s first affiliated venue

I would like to introduce BVLGARI HOTEL.

When you hear BVLGARI, what comes to mind is jewelry.

Into the world of jewelry where France was the mainstream

BVLGARI was born in Rome, Italy.

Bvlgari Hotels start in Milan

Opened in London, Dubai, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, and Paris .

Finally, it opened in Tokyo in April 2023.

The hotel occupies the 40th to 45th floors of Tokyo Midtown Yaesu.

"Residence above the clouds"

If the weather is nice, the ceremony can be held on the terrace.

It's a great attraction like no other.

The rooms used at the reception venue are

It features high ceilings and a breathtaking view.

Natural light feels very gentle even in a sophisticated space.

The calm air is flowing

I felt that this was one of the reasons why our guests were able to enjoy a comfortable time.

The terrace room features a geometric pattern on the wall inspired by the cut of a diamond.

Can also be used as a chapel or reception venue ◎

The space is decorated with traditional Italian design in every detail.

It makes you feel very rich.

Please come and visit us at least once.