We would like to introduce a bride who had a reception at BENE Omotesando.

When we first met,

When I think of colored dresses, I have a strong image of cute princesses, so I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to wear them...

The bride said.

The color dress chosen by the bride who likes the cool atmosphere is

An eye-catching yellow slender dress.

The silhouette and ribbon train have a linear design.

A dress that looks more cool than cute.

Pair the yellow dress with green pointed pumps to add a sense of style.

It's so nice to see glimpses of green every time you walk.

Perfect for night parties at urban venues.

The bride's everyday clothes were mostly monotone and she was not good at color.

Actually, my mother requested that I wear yellow.

It seems that he was having trouble finding the right color for himself.

It was highly praised by all the guests! When I received this message, I felt very happy.

The bride looks great in bright colors.

I hope you continue to enjoy the colors ♡

Malco. Minamisawa